Testing favourite links all still work—Kristen Stewart

120: I was just going through each of the links on my favourite links page to make sure they all still worked and I came across a few pictures I thought were worth fixing up and posting.

This first two are of Kristen Stewart in sexy heels. From what I can find on the Web it seems Kristen has a 'love/hate' thing going on with high heels. She loves wearing them but hates how she looks in heels—she thinks she looks awkward and unsure. That's a pity because she sure seems to have the legs to were eye catching heels.

This second picture of Kristen shows her smiling, which 'the Web' would lead us to believe is a very rare event for her. Maybe she is smiling because she knows how sexy she looks in those S3 high heels—see this post here if you don't know what I mean by S3 heels.

Her heels have to be at least 4" and maybe 4.5". Also they have no platform. I really don't like heels with big platforms even though I know such heels are all the fashion at the moment. Nice ankles and nice arches. Very exciting heels.

This next shot is because I find heels with 'jeans' a big turn on.

Glad to report that all the links on my favourite links page still work. What professionalism. What devotion to detail . . .