Ariana Grande loves her high heels

118: Thanks to my girlfriend for the idea for this post featuring Ariana Grande and proving again this is not 'just another re-posting site'.

As you can see at interesting fact number 24 from the "40 interesting facts about Ariana Grande" over at the BoomsBeat site (click the image to go to the page):

"Arina loves wearing high heels. In fact, when she is not wearing them she walks around en-releve which is basically walking on your tippy toes".

So following are some pictures of Ariana having fun in heels.

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From all the reading I have now done on Ariana while trying to find some good quality pictures I know that she practices all her dance steps and gets them perfect in flat shoes. Then she puts on heels and then works through them again until she has them just right with her sexy heels on.

See. It's hard work being a performer.

The following picture is 1,500 pixels high which is a bit larger than my normal HQ posts (which are 1,200 pixels high). I just thought it was worth it.

Thoughts come into my mind, like: I wonder if she buys new sexy high heels for each new performance?

This next picture shows Ariana doing her sort-of trade mark over-the-left-shoulder cutesy pose. In doing my research for this post I found lots of pictures with Araina in this pose.

Last one; and this one is 1,500 pixel high as well.

As she seems to be in full performance costume, complete with thigh-high opaque white stay up stocking and white high heel pumps, I assume this shot was taken either just before going on stage or during a performance break.