Pity we can't see her face

115: Came across this picture browsing my usual sites this morning on my smartphone laying in bed. I really like this picture and I just had to post it.

I think this is a stunning picture illustrating the sheer sexiness of high heels. If she didn't have those heels on this picture would lose at least 30 percent of its sexiness.

It is one of those pictures where the more you 'study' it the more amazing it becomes and you just can't help flicking your eyes back to those cock-teasing high heels over and over again.

Pity we can't see her face. If this is part of series and anyone has a picture showing her face then please let me know where I can get that picture so I can post it.

I will be posting this picture in "My Favourite Pics" section. This picture is 1200 pixels high. The version in favourite pics will be larger (1800 pixels high).

To my thinking she is saying something like "Oh ... The lawn mower man is here to do the lawns".