Kind of interesting—Chrome not the best for saving pictures

116: I accidentally discovered something last week about saving pictures from a browser for editing and posting that I had not noticed before. I tend to use three browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome. Most of the time I use FireFox with the next popular being Internet Explorer. The least used is Chrome. As you will see from the following, for my purposes anyway, I will probably stop using Chrome.

The following picture was 'right-clicked' and saved using Chrome.

This next save of the very same picture was 'right-clicked' and saved using Internet Explorer.

Assuming you are seeing these the same as I am then you will notice that the first picture, saved from Chrome, is 'cooler' and it does not look that same as it did on the screen before I did the save. Whereas the picture from Internet Explorer is warmer and does look the same as it did on the screen before I did the save.

In case it is not obvious here are the pictures side by side with the Chrome save on the left and the Internet Explorer save on the right.

If I save the picture using FireFox it looks the same as the version saved from Internet Explorer. It is only Chrome that saves the picture with the 'warmth' turned down. This only happens during the save. The on-screen picture in Chrome looks exactly the same as it does in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

I have no idea why Chrome does this or if there is some setting I can make to stop it doing this. If anyone has any ideas about what is going on here then please feel free to share.