Only in High Heels (a.k.a. Celebrity Legs in High Heels)

As part of my search for more celebrities in high heels I came across a site called "Celebrity Legs in High Heels". At least this is the name on the masthead of the site but the URL is 'onlyinhigheels'.

I have decided to add this site to my High Heels Links page so if you want to check it out then pop over to that page to find the link.

Following are some pictures I clipped from Only in High Heels, or is it Celebrity Legs in High Heels?

In the split-side red silk dress in Lauren Pope. Sad to say I don't know what Ms Pope's claim to celebrity fame is unless it is for wearing some kind of magical panties that don't have any visible means of support. My girlfriend says that the side straps on the panties will be made of clear plastic so you can't see them but I am not convinced about this.

You can sort of make out what might be clear sticky tape of some kind but my analysis is that, if it is tape, then it is being used to tape the dress to her skin and is nothing to do with being part of panties.

Heavens above ... you don't think for a moment that she might not be wearing any panties do you? Wearing sexy high heels has been know to cause a lady to remove her panties. Hmmmm.

Above is Olga Kuryenko enjoying her look in heels. I haven't seen the Water Diviner so I haven't seen Olga on the screen but based on her look in sexy heels maybe I should go along and see the Water Diviner.

Two pictures above of Lauren Cohan. You get two pictures of her because I am a bit of fan of Lauren. For those who don't know she is in "The Walking Dead" TV series. At least I hope she still is because I haven't watched the current season yet and people in The Walking Dead tend to get killed off faster than people in The Game of Thrones.

This has to be a rare picture. Kristen Stewart wearing heels, showing her legs, and smiling. I would have to admit that smiling suites her. If it's having those sexy heels on that is causing her to smile then maybe she should wear them a lot more often.

Have fun checking out celebs in heels from the link on my High Heels Links page. It's the latest and last entry.