Jodie Fox and ‘Shoes of Prey’ custom heels

245[855] Here is even more proof that we are not just another ‘high heels reposting site’. What other high heels site would bring you news from the Australian Financial Review about an online custom high heels shop that is about to launch in the US.

Jodie Fox from ‘Shoes of Prey’ is featured in the Australian Financial Review from Tuesday 8th December on page 19. She has managed to raise AUD$21.1 million to help fund the launch of ‘Shoes of Prey’ in the US.

At the risk of infringing copyright I have taken a picture of the article in the Financial Review, and yes ... if you click on it then it should be large enough for you to read it. If you wanted to.

Long-time visitors to Addicted-to-Heels might be thinking to themselves that the name ‘Jodie Fox’ sounds familiar. Well it should. In post number 81 I/we did a posting about Jodie Fox doing a long run while wearing sexy high heels.

The image above links to the original posting, which in turn links to Jodie's Shoes of Prey online site.

Just in case you found that boring, here are a couple of stunners in high heels to perk you up..

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