Great idea from girlfriend—Random selections from back-catalogue

244[854] Following on from my posting "An annoying thing about blogs" (posting 242) my girlfriend has come up with an idea that I think I might try. Her idea—to make sure good postings from the past don't get totally buried and lost—is for me to randomly select a month from the past, and then do a posting featuring the most popular posting from that month. The 'most popular' posting would be based on the number of 'Likes' the postings for that month got.

So I wrote the month and year for all the months up to December 2014 on pieces of paper and put them in a mug, then drew out my first 'Month from the Past'. It was September 2013.

If you think this sounds like a good plan then 'Like' this post. If I get over 30 likes then I will put the plan into action.

In the meantime you could check out September 2013 and vote-up your favourite posting so it gets featured.

This is going to be interesting.

To help you ponder over this here are a few lovelies literally looking fucking amazing showing off their amplified hotness in high heels.