Showing off my Photoshop Elements skills

253[863] I had to share this. I have just spent about an half and hour editing-up (that's what I call it anyway) the following picture.

I did the edit-up in a number of layers. First I masked out the stunning girl and removed the dark shadows. Then, as she was too 'cold' I warmed up the flesh tones. Having got her looking a lot better I then masked out the background and brought up the sky, and added some vibrancy to the water and greenery behind her.

In the final layer of editing I masked and sharpened just her to make her stand out from the overall picture (as if she didn't anyway), and, as Christine drummed into me, I added a border—"Pictures without borders lack that extra bit of snap".

I am pretty happy with this. I realise that an expert in Photoshop Elements (PSE) could probably do much better, but I have only been using PSE since I took over this site.

I have no idea who this stunner with those amazing primary sexual attractors (boobies) is. I wonder if she has any idea just how amazing she looks?

As this is, after all, a high heels fetish site, here are some pictures of beauties enhancing their sexiness by wearing high heels.