Merry Xmas and a big 'thanks' to the ladies

252[862] It is Xmas day in Australia and there is a lot going on for me and my girlfriend. We had all her Perth friends and a couple of her Bunbury friends over for a big breakfast. We went to see her older brother and his wife and kids for a light lunch. Tonight we are going to her mum's for tea (us real Aussies call the evening meal 'tea' … although some modern Aussies do seem to have adopted the annoying habit of calling it dinner).

But I just wanted to take 15 minutes now to post a big Merry Xmas to all my regular visitors and that applies to all those that partake in some kind of holiday celebration and maybe some form of gift giving at this time of the year.

I also want to thank all those stunning ladies that brighten up our days a bit and add some colour to our lives by wearing sexy high heels out and about. Seriously, sometimes I just want to go up and give some of these women a $100 just for wearing their sexy high heels and thereby brightening up the day. But I don't have that kind of money and it would probably get me put in jail if I did it (sadly).

I tried to find some suitable Xmas-themed pictures to post. This was the best I could do.