'Comments' does not show in Opera browser

251[861]: Yesterday I got an e-mail from XrX (which sounds a bit like the model of a car, like Porsche XrX) pointing out to me that the 'Comments' part of the posts does not work when using the Opera browser.

See example at right.

I have loaded the Opera browser onto my PC and I can confirm that, for whatever reason, you cannot see the comment tag at the bottom of the posts in the blog view. But if you open a post then Opera does open the Comments section at the bottom of the posting.

See example below.

I realise this is not the best because you cannot tell from the main blog page which posts have comments attached to them. So you don't know which posts to open so you can see what the comment was.

This is not something that I can fix. I have checked the SquareSpace help database but there does not seem to be anyone else who has complained about this. It is possible it is only a problem with the particular template being used for the Addicted-to-Heels site.

To divert you from worrying about this problem I am going to recommend that you study the following three pictures intently.

See! Feeling better? Now you could probably care less about any problems with using the Opera browser.