Five 'quick' reposts from Heels Land

249[859] I was just having a quick look at the Heels Land site (see my Links page if you have not been to Heels Land before) and picked off these five stunners to re-post. As always, they are not direct re-posts. Each one has been slightly edited in some way before being posted here.


We could play 'Pick your favourite' in the next picture.

I would go for the stunner on the left. I like my ladies in 'English rose pale'.

The following pictures has a discrete hint of pussy visible. I rarely post pictures showing the 'source of complete power' because I feel that it detracts from the sexiness of the heels. But in this case I think it works and heels are still the primary focus.

This next shot will be kind of familiar to those of us men that are lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend or wife who is happy to wear heels in the bedroom for us. Seriously, does life get any better than that?

Another familiar bedroom pose . . .