248/858: Work gets in the way of posting

Been a busy week for the glass tinting business in Perth over the last week, but the boss has warned us that he expects things to cool of next year with the general downturn in the Perth economy. I just hope that doesn't mean I might be out of work. I have got quite used to having money coming in.

One thing about working is that it does get in the way of posting to Addicted-to-Heels. I have the Xmas week off from work (which is next week) but we have a couple of days work in the New Year week that I have to go in for.

I am hoping that I can do some catch up postings next week. I have two new sites to feature, I want to go back and do my usual 'comments' posting, I still have the second half of the "Women showing off in their sexy heels in New York" to do (you can see the first one here), and it is a long time since I posted a picture pack.

So there is a lot to do. In the meantime, please enjoy this couple of cuties feeling as sexy as hell in their attention-getting high heels.