I think it needs to be called “High heels Friday”

246[856] Over here in Australia most businesses allow their staff to dress down a bit on Fridays. We call this ‘casual clothes Friday’. Men working in Perth can generally ditch the formal business clothing and wear denim jeans with casual shirts. Girls, as usual, just seem to wear whatever they like.

I had a half a day off today (Friday) and I went into Perth with two mates who are up from Bunbury and a new mate from my new work. We caught the train in from Burswood. This was the first time going into Perth on the train for me. The trip from Burswood is only about 10 minutes.

The train was pretty empty at 1:30 but when we got to Perth the city was full of people. We sort of ambled around the city taking in the female scenery, and had a beer here and there to refresh.

So where I am going with this is that I think ‘casual clothes Friday’ should probably be renamed, for women, to ‘high heels Friday’. There sure were a lot of ladies wearing their sexy heels and somehow managing to walk on Perth’s terrible footpaths and side-streets without missing a step.

We spent an hour and half in Shafto Lane which was littered with attractive ladies in heels.

And to top it off, when we got the train back to Burswood at about 6:30—unlike the trip into Perth—there was a lot of cuties in heels heading home.

A truly successful afternoon in Perth.

Yeah … it probably helped that it is close to Christmas and there would have been office gatherings going on all over the place, and the ladies were wearing their wallbanger heels because of that.

I wonder ... could it be that these two ladies are getting ready to head in to town for a Christmas work get-together? They have their sexy shoes on ready.

P.S: I added 'wallbanger heels' to the Lexicon after doing this post. Thanks to 'Lanky' (he said I could post his nick-name) for this contribution to the Lexicon.