It's Sunday … which can be good and bad

233[843]: It's 10:00 Sunday morning. My girlfriend has gone out for coffee with friends, so I am here doing a post. It is so quiet. There is nothing making any noise except for my computer and my keyboard. In fact I think I might turn the radio on.

Now that I am working I find Sundays sort of good but also a bit yukky. They are okay up until about mid-afternoon and then you start to think about going to work on the Monday—it's about then that they start to get a bit sad and yukky. Not that my work is that bad. When I actually get there and get going I sort of enjoy it. I think it is mostly that I have to go to work and leave the company of my girlfriend. She doesn't go to work until midday Wednesday.

But, as I say, working is not that bad. Especially if we are working in a location where there are lots of girls moving about. With the warmer weather starting to happen in Perth the style of clothing that the ladies are wearing out and about is changing. The skirts are getting noticeably shorter, this seasons shorts seem to be very short, and I am pretty sure that the percentage of stunners wearing heels has increased by about ten percent; but that might just be my imagination.

Anyway, here are a couple of Sunday stunners to help get you through.

I have tried to sort of pick 'relaxed' Sunday kind of pictures.

I really like this first picture. I like the faded washed-out look of the background, and then POW! There is this bare-breasted stunner with great legs wearing black peep-toe 4" heels. Very very nice. And even though they are just basic black those heels really stand out and catch your eyes and almost instantly begin to work their boner magic. They do for me anyway.