Wearing high heels is witchcraft

232: The stuff I find on the web about high heels. Seriously, how amazing are high heels. I think I could make it my life's study looking into high heels. If only someone would pay me to do that.

According to this article I found about a book called "4 Inches Closer to Heaven" by Arielle Abeyta, there used to be a law in the USA about women wearing high heels, and in particular the "power possessed by women wearing heels".

It seems that the Massachusetts colony pass a law:

"All women, whether virgins, maidens, or widows, who … seduce or betray into matrimony any of His Majesty's male subjects by virtue of [wearing or displaying themselves in] high heeled shoes, shall incur the penalty of the law now enforced against witchcraft." (Benstock & Ferriss, 10)

Having found this I then decided to Google around to see if I could find out more about it this law against high heels. I found the following at The Gloss site under the title "Off With Their Heels" (image links to site).

I also found the following on the New York Times site. This tells us that the law relating to women wearing high heels having the power of witches (image links to post).

I have always said that high heels are magical.

So here, for you viewing pleasure, are a couple of 'witches' in high heels demonstrating their power to 'seduce or betray' men.