Missed mentioning Addicted-to-Heels 3rd birthday

231: I don't really know how I missed it, but back in August was the third year that this site has been running. With this third anniversary post I just want to say a few things.

I have had a lot of fun running this site since taking it over from the original team and I have learnt a lot. I think my writing has improved since my first post, but probably my spelling is just as bad as it ever was (but OneNote spell checking fixes most of that up for me). I actually bought the English Grammar for Dummies e-book for the Kindle Reader and found this pretty useful. Since reading that I think I use commas better and try to keep sentences shorter—which is one of the top "Thou Shalt" in grammar (notice the use of an em dash back there).

As always I also want to put out a huge BIG thanks to all the beautiful women of the world who wear high heels that amplify their sexiness for us males to get some delight out of perving on. Life and work can be grey and grinding. But being able to look forward to seeing ladies walking around in their cock-teasing heels each day just makes life more colourful and bright, and a little bit more bearable. Now I am working in the city I actually look forward to each new job—especially jobs actually in the city block—wondering how many and what sexy heels I will get to see that day (notice … more em dashes).

Thirdly, a big BIG thanks to my amazing girlfriend who makes every day worth looking forward to. I don't know what it was that a bit of failure like me (dropped out of school in year 11) did to deserve such an amazing partner to navigate through life with. It's just about the perfect relationship. She likes to wear heels and I drool and breath heavy when she does. Seriously but, every man should try getting up to breakfast on a Sunday morning being cooked for you by a goddess wearing just white satin pyjama panties and 4" heels. Has to be the best way ever to start a Sunday. Okay. It doesn't happen every Sunday, but it's always a fabulous treat when it does happen.

So hopefully, all going well, I will be posting a fourth year anniversary posting about 9 months from now. Maybe next year I will actually do it on time as well.

Here is a happy birthday picture featuring balloons, bare boobies, great legs, and HIGH HEELS.

And here is another picture shows sexy high heels because I just like to post two pictures with every post.