An annoying thing about blogs

242[852]: There is this annoying thing about 'blogs', and this site is basically a blog; every time I do a new post then the post before gets 'pushed down', and very quickly—after five posts—a post can go over the page. So a lot a great pictures of stunning ladies showing off their hotness in cock-teasing high heels sort of disappear over-the-page. Also great articles—well I think I do some pretty good articles now and then—also go over-the-page.

There is a total of 852 posts on this site (242 of which are mine and the others were from the previous team), so at five posts per page that means there are 171 pages of posts. Very few visitors to the site, if any, are ever going to work their way back through 171 pages.

I am trying to think of some way of doing something about this, but I am not too sure what it is yet. Some sites have 'Archive' pages, but I am not a big fan of that approach.

If anyone has any ideas then please share.

Here are a couple of pictures to ponder while you think about this problem.