6 Women showing off in their sexy heels in New York

240[850] I came across this on the Web via Buzzfeed. The heading of the article is "13 Women Show Off the Shoes They Feel Sexiest in" with the subtitle "Yes! I have kept my heels on during sex …".

Image links to article at Buzzfeed

Image links to article at Buzzfeed

The article, by Kevin Smith (BuzzFeed Staff writer), talks about an Instragram account that features people around New York City (men and women) and the shoes they wear. The Instragam account is ShoesOfNYC.

I have not actually visited the Instragam ShoesOfNYC account but if it has more features like this one then I might be tempted.

In this particular series the people at ShoesOfNYC spoke to ladies wearing sexy high heels and asked them why they were wearing heels and if wearing heels made them feel sexy.

The title of my post is "6 Women showing off in their sexy heels in New York" because I started to post the whole 13 and then I realised it was going to make a very long post. So I shortened to six. I will post the remaining six in another post—so watch out for that.

Following are the six pictures and the comments from the ladies wearing them.

The heading at the top of each picture is the brand of shoes the girl is wearing. Note that these images are from Instragram so they are not very high quality because when you upload an image to Instragram it gets resized, and resampled down and cropped to fit their format. Also, most likely, the original pictures were taken with a smartphone—which certainly doesn't help.

“I think heels with a strap around the ankle — that’s the kind of shoe where my boyfriend would be like, ‘Fuck dinner, I’m taking you back home.’”

“Lace-ups are a man trap. I think it’s the strappy heels that attract guys because of the connection to bondage. It’s all about sex appeal and the idea of being tied up, which all relates back to the bedroom. A man wants to see as much skin as possible. They even want to see toes! Which is weird…but these are definitely my boyfriend’s new favorite.”

“I swear I get hit on because of my shoes. It makes sense because heels just make me feel so sexy. It doesn’t have to be this specific pair, either — I’d do it in any heel!”

“Louboutin’s inspiration comes from his attraction to showgirls and fetishes. These shoes are a fantasty piece…so obviously about sex. You see how stressed my ligaments are? It’s about the leg being in a certain position, and relates to how your body feels during sex. When I put on a heel of this height it makes me feel like I’m entering another realm above where I usually am. It’s not about being a different person, it’s very much about staying yourself. Heels give you access to a different part of yourself that you wouldn’t have reached before. That’s where the power and mystery comes into play.”

“My Valentinos rubbing into a guys legs is probably so painful. But if I have to experience the pain of wearing them, he should feel a little pain too! Pleasure and pain, they go hand in hand.”

“These heels make me feel like Catwoman — like I should walk into a bar wearing a skintight leather outfit and surprise my man. They’re badass and give me a whole new identity.”

“I’m wearing heels with a cowboy wrangler on them — of course I’ve had sex with heels on. With the right heels, you hold the power over men: Not only do they want to rip your clothes off, they want to buy you lots of sky-high heels. Just as my boyfriend is telling me for the 10th time to ‘hurry up!’ I put my heels on and he shuts his mouth.”

And just so you don't miss out, here are my normal two pictures of ladies looking frigging amazing in their cock-teasing high heels.