100 Red Stilettos—2014 Edition

241[851]: When I was doing a previous post the other day called "Amazed at the number of sites and pages featuring sexy high heels" (here) I came across this Flickr page called 100 Red Stilettos.

The full name is actually "100 x Red Stilettos: The 2014 Edition". This suggests there is a perhaps a 2013 and maybe a 2015 edition somewhere, but I was not able to find these. This doesn't mean they don't exist.

I am not too sure I would call the pair of bright red shoes featured in this photographer's pictures 'stilettos'. To my expert eye the heel seems to only have about 2.5" of foot-fall, plus the heel is chunky. To me these two points combined would suggest these shoes are not stilettoes. To my way of thinking a stiletto shoe has a more tapered heel and the shoe would have at least a 3" foot-fall in height.

But anyway, all that aside, I do like the idea of the 100 Red Stilettoes project. What he has done is try and find as many unique and interesting ways that he can to photograph and feature these red 'stilettos'.

When I first saw this I thought that this was something I could do if I had a good camera and a sexy pair of genuine stilettos to feature. As this photographer has already done red I could do glossy blue. And as I am currently a fan of the sling-back style of sexy heels I could use a pair of those in my pictures.

I have often thought of getting into photography in some way as a hobby. Maybe this is the project I need to get me going. Now that I have a regular job I can get a decent camera. The problem would be thinking up all the different places and way to photograph the sexy heels.

If you want to check out the "100 x Red Stilettos" Flickr page then the banner capture image at the start of this post links over to the Flickr page.

Now here are my normal two pictures of attractive ladies looking hot in sexy heels for you to enjoy.