Why do high heels arouse [most] men so much?

238[848]: This is a question I like to ask every now and then. You never know. One day someone might come up with the perfect answer. Assuming such an answer even exists because the question of "Why do [most] men find ladies wearing high heels so sexually exciting?" is a bit like the question "Why do [most] men find boobies so frigging amazing?" I put the 'most' in there because I have come across one or two heterosexual guys that don't get increased blood flow to their cock at the sight of an attractive woman showing off her sexiness in high heels. I also understand that there is a tiny percentage of heterosexual men that don't get turned on by boobies; but personally I am yet to come across any such men.

So why is it that us guys find girls wearing high heels extra hot and horny?

You won't find the perfect answer in this post. I have read hundreds of pages of thoughts and research that I have found on the Web, and asked lots of mates this vexing question over the years, and I have also asked a lot a women who realise wearing heels makes men pay them more attention. I have read and heard lots of theories but I have not yet come across something that seems to fit the 'perfect answer'.

Sure heels lengthen, slim, and add tone to a ladies legs. They raise and tighten her butt and make it protrude just a little bit more than normal--which looks amazing if she is wearing a light summer skirt (it's summer-ish where I am now) or brief shorts or tight jeans. Heels make her stand and walk more erect, and thereby cause her breasts--which are, after all, her primary sexual attraction for most men--to push forward nicely. Heels also shorten her walking gait to what is presumed to be a more feminine stride. They cause that nice "S" curve in her back when she stands and this is something that always catches my eye for some reason. Then there is the sensual arch of her feet; the way her foot presses into that arch of lifting shoe. And there is no doubt in my mind that when women wear sexy heels the wearer instantly takes on a heightened air of confidence; they get this little sexy power boost in their attitude. There is also no doubt that heels make her feet look more petite and feminine and my girlfriend has often remarked something like "My feet look so big when I don't wear heels". My girlfriend is an Aussie 8 which is not big, but I have noticed that women's feet sometime do look overly big-ish when they wear flats. It's also said in some posts that heels instantly take about three to five kilograms off the appearance of the wearer's weight; making her look slimmer.

But, for me anyway, none of these bits-of-answers seems to drop into the slot of the 'perfect answer'.

If anyone has any thoughts on the 'perfect answer' to this most import question of man-kind then please share.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you ponder the answer.

Legs lengthened and toned (check). Butt firmed and lifted (check). S-curve in back enhanced (check). Shoulders back and boobies forward (check). Looking 5 kilograms lighter (check). Feeling as sexy as hell (check).

Heels working as required ... check.