Surprise e-mail from Christine

238[848] I got a surprise e-mail from Christine last weekend.

When I first took over the site from Christine and Co I was communicating with Christine almost daily, either by e-mails or the phone, as I got familiar with running this site. But, without going back and checking my e-mails, I am pretty sure that it must be at least four or five months since we last communicated.

For anyone who remembers Christine from the team that originally set up Addicted-to-Heels, she is still in Melbourne. Sadly her and her boyfriend have broken up but apparently it's a friendly break up and they still occasionally get together for coffee and such.

She has bought herself a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 computer and is cleaning up her old Toshiba to sell it. She found some sex high heels pictures that she had saved away in various folders from when she was finding files for Addicted-to-Heels, and also some that she has found and saved since. So she sent me a zip file of 116 pictures I could consider for posting to the site.

She also sent me two high heels links that she says are probably worth featuring so I will have a look at them and do features on them. It is sometime since I did a heels feature site to add to my links page.

Following is a small selection of pictures from Christine's zip file.