Just checked my link-overs … and …

237[847]: I was just reviewing my site statistics, as I do from time to time so see how many people are checking out my stuff, and I noticed that I had 111 link-overs from Heels Land in the last week.

Now that's new. I don't recall seeing that before. Referrals from Heels Land. Maybe it was there, but I am sure I would have noticed it.

So I went over to Heels-Land to see what was going on.

At first I didn't pick it up. Sometime you miss things that are right there in front of you. Then I spotted it. Heels Land has a link-over to Addicted to Heels right on their front page.

Image links to Heels Land

Image links to Heels Land

That is the link to Addicted to Heels at the right hand side of the navigation bar—in pink (see the enlargement at right).

Well ... I feel special.

In celebration of this here are a few pictures of sexy ladies showing off in their sexy heels from Heels Land today.

High heels are just sooooo frigging hot and they make the stunner wearing them look extra hot.

Pop over to Heels Land to see more. You can click on the Heels Land banner grab above or go to my links page (here) and find Heels Land there.