Three seconds to attract a man's attention

236[846]: The following is some 'old' stuff I found and stored back before I took this site over from Christine's team. It came from a site called but this site no longer seems to exist although Google can find traces of its existence.

The original text wasn't in very good English so I have corrected it a tiny bit where it really needed it but I have left in some of the original mistakes and the capitalisation. I have also included the picture that was part of the article. I have also left the original embedded links in but they are broken.

I have also left the original heading in, but don't ask me what secrets 1 through 15 are because I didn't save them. Or if I did I haven't found them again yet.

Whoever wrote this 'article' was aiming at female readers.

Secret No 16 : 3 Seconds to Attract Men's Attention

There are many ways to attract a man's attention. Generally, men like women because of their physical attribute or 'SOMETHING' THEY WEAR'. However, women’s physical attributes will not be discussed in this article, on the other hand, we will discuss ‘something they wear'.

For instance when we are selling a product to customers, we have to think how to at least catch the eye of the customers. Same thing goes for women. What do you have to wear to attract men's attention? SOMETHING RELATED TO 'SEXY' WORD, like sexy dress, sexy skirt, or sexy high heels.

Wearing high heels with MINIMUM 3 INCH HEIGHT is the most effective. You have to choose something UNIQUE, different from the others to attract attention. A heel with normal height (below 3 inch) will seem ordinary because every woman wears those. See the article : sexy high heels – 5 things why so many men are mad about them.

If you have never tried higher than 3 inches before, there is no need to worry because there is a first time for everything. You can also read ‘how to walk confidently in sexy high heels’.

So, now you don’t have to worry about how to attract men’s attention. Use your high heels. After you wear it, in 3 second you will catch the eyes of men.

Another metaphor about how big the influence of this high heels to you: you may spend a lot of time to get beautiful make up on your face, but if you still use ordinary heels, you are still second to other women who put ordinary make up on their face but using sexy high heels.

I actually have all sorts of different articles I used to save from the Web before I started working on this site. I might dig some more of them up and post them from time to time.

But now, here are the usual stunners showing of their hotness in "fuck I'm sexy" high heels.