Some pictures from 4Chan

222: As regular visitors to my site will know, every now and then I have a look at 4Chan to see if there are any 'high heels' threads posting in the 'beautiful sexy girls" forum. If I find any half-decent reasonable quality pictures then I save them.

Following—for your viewing (and any other) pleasure—are a few I have saved over the last few weeks.

I found this first one, which I am sure is of some movie/TV star that I don't know, is a great picture featuring sexy high heels. I have made it a bit bigger than my normal post so please be sure to click on it to see it full size (you will need a monitor at least 1500 pixels wide).

The next one is for any guys into spandex leggings worn with high heels.

The last one shows a hint of bare pussy ... just a hint (but it is in the shadow area and not that obvious, and anyway the girlfriend said it was okay to post).

She just looks so amazingly sexy sitting there naked except for her sexy high heels. Great picture. It's kind of like she could be saying to her man "Are you into high heels or do you want me to take them off too?".