Guys that are aroused by high heels are not necessarily 'feet men'

220: I so often find that when female or male 'friends' discover my addiction to ladies wearing high heels they almost immediately jump the conclusion that I have a feet fetish. I usually get that knowing look along with a comment something like "Ahhh. A foot fetish man eh?"

Well I can't speak for all those other men that are aroused by the sight of attractive ladies amplifying their sexiness by wearing high heels, but I can assure you that I do not have a foot fetish. Like so many other men, I find the sight of cute women in high heels extremely arousing, but seeing the same woman barefoot or in flat sandals does almost nothing for me (assuming she is normally dressed).

While my girlfriend often 'begs' me to rub her feet and I do it, I do it because I know she likes it very much. Rubbing her feet in itself does nothing for me sexually but, like most men, I do get a little something from knowing that she likes it and that I am making her feel nice. However, on those occasions when she decides to use her feet to intentionally get a response from me by rubbing them in my groin region then I obviously do get aroused; but again this NOT because I am 'feet man'.

In fact I am sorry to say that barefeet or feet in flat sandals—to me anyway—are bordering on ugly. But slide them into a pair of 4" heels and I am her dribbling sexual slave.