Created a Tumblr site

219: I had this great idea last night. To create a Tumblr site just so people searching Tumblr can find a way over to this site.

It's pretty basic because it just there for people who do Google searches like "sexy heels tumblr" or are in Tumblr and do a seach for "sexy heels". Who knows … it might bring a few extra visitors my site here. You can click the image below if you want to have a quick look at it, but as I say, there is nothing really there except something for the search engines to find in order to send people here.

So a big Addicted to Heels welcome to any Tumblr people who have linked over. I hope you like my site and here are a couple of examples of what you will find if you start to look back through all the posts.

If you are a first-timer then you need to know that you can click on any image to see it bigger. It will open in a viewing light-box, and then just click anywhere to close it and go back to the site.

For any new Tumblr visitors, if you decide to go back and look at all the amazing ladies trying to arouse us men by wearing their sexy high heels then don't forget to click Like on the ones you like and also you can leave comments.