Five more comments from the past

230: As I continue to catch on comments posted during August and early September, here are five more comments from the past.

Comment from Montel:

"Great celeb pics how come no kelly ripa pics she has great legs"

Well, being an Australian, I was not actually sure who Kelly Ripa was. But I Googled her and now I know that she is an American actress, a talk show host, and a television producer.

Here are some pictures that I could find of Kelly showing off her sexiness. In the first picture of the four, Kelly is wearing the famous and highly sought after YSL Tribute heels. Some men, myself included, consider these to be in the Top 10 sexiest heels a woman can wear.

I know that she is not wearing heels in the fourth picture, but she just looks cute so I thought I would post it.

All these pictures are 1500 pixels high when full sized.

Heelsperve said:

"Love your pictures. Read all your stuff. Do you wear heels sometimes".

I often wonder how many people read my 'stuff' and don't just flick through the pictures, so thanks for that. And no, I don't wear heels. I just like perving on pretty ladies looking amazing wearing them.

Klink said:

"More tits and pussy !!!"

I like bare boobies as much as any man and I try to balance between pictures showing bare boobies and those that don't. As for pussy, I honestly feel that (with a few exceptions) being able to see a woman's bare pussy generally detracts from the sheer beauty and sexiness of the image.

Peenperve said:

"There is a Christine and cleavage site, is that the same Christine that use (sic) to be with this site".

Doing a Bing search for christine+cleavage finds 1,970,000 sites. I could not find the site you mentioned in the first 10 pages of results, but I really do not think it has anything to do with the Christine from this site.

There is a "Christine Cleavage" Youtube video (see the bottom of the screen grab below) but this is 16 seconds of the most crap video you have ever seen and is definitely NOT 'our' Christine.

And legzz posted two comments close together. They were:

"Agree! That pic is indeed a scroll-stopper. Nice long sexy legs to comment those sexy heels (sic)".

"Thanks for posting those 'not the greatest quality' pics. Very stimulating!"

I think 'legzz' meant to say "Nice long sexy legs to compliment those sexy heels". He is referring to the following picture from a post on the 21st of June.

This has turned out to be a long posting, but here is the relief at the end of the post.