Amazed at number of sites and pages featuring sexy high heels

228: I still find it amazing how many pages and sites there are on the Web featuring sexy high heels. Every week I continue find other sites or pages that I haven't come across before. Many of them have pictures that are not up to the required quality for me to consider posting them here, but the point is that there are so many.

If you just take Pinterest, which I only kind of discovered recently, a search for high heels finds over 300 pages. Sadly all pictures posted into Pinterest are reduced down to 600 pixels wide when uploaded, and the compression is set at about 40 percent. This means that almost no pictures from Pinterest are useful to me for posting here.

Following are a couple of clips from Pinterest.

There are also lots of boards on Instagram dedicated to sexy high heels but, like pictures uploaded to Pinterest, pictures uploaded to Instagram are downsized. From checking the size of a few pictures on Instagram I think the size they are reduced to when uploaded is about 600 x 600 pixels … not big enough to be featured on Addicted-to-Heels.

Also many of the pictures on Instagram are selfies and the smartphone picture quality is often pretty crap.

Following are four quick clips from Instagram. Note that I have not edited these pictures 'up' in any way. It's just not worth the effort. I haven't even bothered to put a border around them.

Then you can try Flickr. A search for "high heels" on Flickr brings up over 300,000 pictures. At least with Flickr the pictures are not reduced in size when uploaded. Also Flickr people tend to use better cameras than the camera in their smartphone.

Following a couple of featured high heels pictures from Flickr.

This first one is called "Red Stiletto" (sic) but, by my definition, those shoes are not technically stilettos

This next picture from Flickr is kind of a wallpaper class picture. It is just called "high heels" and was taken by 'ull@l'. It is subtitled "Sexy heels for my beloved lady".

And now a couple of my normal pictures for your enjoyment.