What won't you see on the main Playboy Web page today?

227: Here is a trivia quiz night question for you: "What won't you see on the main Playboy Web page today?"

The answer is: Partially naked ladies.

All the naked ladies, and near naked ladies, and even sexy pictures of dressed ladies, are nowhere to be seen at Playboy.com.

It's a fact. These days at work you can safely open up the Playboy front page. It is no longer NSFW. In fact you can click around almost as much as you like and you will not encounter pictures showing any bare booby or too much leg.

Even clicking on "Girls" on the main menu is safe to do.

Playboy are now claiming that the normal Playboy site is PG13.

So what is on the main Playboy.com site now? Believe it or not … lots of interesting articles. Seriously. Articles like the following.

So it could be worth a visit to Playboy.com if you haven't been there for a while.

And now here is the light relief ... none of which came from Playboy.