Link-overs from Pinterest—Featuring Lea Seydoux

224: I got a bit of surprise when I checked my 'Referrers' on the Metrics page tonight. There have been 11 link-overs from Pinterest.

I think that the SquareSpace referral log goes back 60 days so that means 11 people have linked-over to my site from Pinterest sometime in the last 60 days.

But seriously . . . link-overs from Pinterest. This really 'peaked my interest'. I had to find out what pages at Pinterest were linking over.

This kind of thing is exciting when you run a Web page; other sites linking over. Especially from sites you probably don't expect to linking to you.

So the first Pinterest page that is linking over is captured below.

I think this Pinterest site is some kind of appreciate site for Lea Seydoux. This being the case then one could probably assume that the stunning girl in the picture sharing that beautiful vision of her bare breasts with us is Lea Seydoux.

My original posting of this picture—which I think does have better colour—can be seen here.

The next Pinterest link-over seems to come from a heels or glamour site. It's hard to tell. These Pinterest 'sites' don't seem to have names.

The third link-over is definitely from some kind of high heels Pinterest site, but again, they don't seem to have names.

If you are interested and want to have a look at the site above then you will find it here.

Getting back to Lea Seydoux, assuming that is who she is in the first posting (and it does look like it is her), I decided to look her up. So following are some additional pictures I managed to track down of Lea looking sexy in high heels. Not all pictures I found were as big as I generally like to post but I decided to put them in anyway.

According to Wikipedia (here), Lea is a French actress. It seems she has been cast in the next big Bond movie (Spectre). Apparently before that she was in Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood', Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris', 'Mission Impossible—Ghost Protocol', and Quentin Tatantino's 'Inglorious Bastards'.