Ladies—'Proof' that high heels make you super sexy

113: I was crawling around the Web doing my usual 'high heels' searches looking for anything interesting relating to high heels to post and found this. It is a bit old but it is worth posting even if only to get it indexed by the search engines.

This isn't going to surprise any of the regular readers of this site but the outcome of a January 2013 study by the University of Portsmouth in the UK titled "How wearing high heels affects [male] judgments of female attractiveness" was that wearing high heels significantly increases a woman's perceived 'sexiness'.

A key outcome was that wearing high heels exaggerated a woman's sexual attractiveness and that high heels "could be regarded as a supernormal [sexual] stimulus".

Again, no surprises here for visitors to this site although I do like the wording "supernormal sexual stimulus" relating to high heels. We could call that the SSS effect, or the 'Triple S' effect, or even the S3 effect, of women wearing high heels.

They didn't mention 'Crocs' by name but the research paper went on to point out that "Wearing flat shoes made women less attractive". In fact women who wore flat shoes as part of the research project "were also most likely to be mistaken for men" by the test groups.

The image above, clipped from the Web article, links to the posting over on The Register.

Here are a couple of pictures from my library to help you appreciate the S3 effect of a woman wearing heels.