Another site review—Peeptoe Heels and Sexy Legs

112: I know that I did a site review only one post ago but laying in bed this morning as my girlfriend was getting ready to head off to the city to work I went to a heels site I have not been to for a while. It was "Peeptoe Heels and Sexy Legs". So I thought that while it was fresh in my mind I would do a link post of this site.

Despite the name of the site not all the pictures at this site are of lovely ladies in just peeptoe heels. All kinds of sexy high heels are featured.

The site is pretty 'soft' so I think it is safe for me to give it an R rating for sexual content but I did spot one picture in the set I looked at that showed some bare pussy.

Like most high heels sites (but NOT this one), Peep Toe heels is just another click-and-repost site so the picture quality varies a lot. Some pictures are small and some are large, some are good resolution and others are low.

Following are a few pictures from Peeptoe Heels.

If you want to have a look at Peeptoe Heels you can find the link in my "High Heels Links" page here.