Time for a new site link—Legs and Heels

110: I think it must be time for a new high heels site review and link. The site I am looking at this time is "Legs and Heels".

Of the pages I went through at Legs and Heels I found that the pictures tend to be smaller than you will generally find on my site, but there are some great pictures that the editor of the site does find, like the one at right (pity it was not of higher quality and larger).

Also about a third of the images are low-resolution, probably as a result of being upsized at some stage (either by some image posting engine along the way or by someone not very careful about upsizing). Some are from smartphone cameras which explains why they are not so good.

When it come to my 'sexual content rating', although this site is mostly R, I have to rate this site X because there are some pictures showing bare pussy in full view.

All the high heels pictures in this post are from Legs and Heels.

Another thing that happened a few times is that some pictures link over to sales sites.

This next picture found at Legs and Heels is worth enjoying a full size.

Following is my last selection from the first 10 pages of stunners over at Legs and Heels.

Go to my High Heels Links page if you want to find the link to this site.