My standard sizes and resolutions

111: Now that I have been doing this for about five months I have sort of worked out my standard sizes and resolutions.

Where possible the pictures I post are either 1200 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high depending on which is the bigger side, which usually depends on whether it is a landscape or portrait type picture. So when you click on a picture and open it, if you have a display large enough, it will open up to either 1200 pixels high or wide.

For the resolution I save the pictures at the closest size to 500MB; generally without going over 500MB. Hopefully this doesn't make the full sized images too large to view for people using 3G/4G mobile data but still keeps them crisp enough to look great. Sometimes, if I really like the picture, I might save it slightly larger than 500MB.

If you don't click on a picture to view it then it will get shown by the browser at a size that fits within the browser.

Here is a picture of a stunner putting on her cock hardening high heels. It is a real treat to get to watch as the magical heels are put on.