Appreciate the "Likes"

104: Just noticed that the "Likes" are sort of going up a little bit. Okay ... an average of about 7 to 12 "Likes" is nothing to set fireworks off for but it is sort of better than I used to get. It's about the only feedback I get so it's great to see "Likes".

Just for fun I have gone back through all the posts I have done and found those posts that got 20 "Likes" or better.

This post currently has exactly 20 "Likes". This girl and pose is still one of my top favourite sey high heels pictures.

This next post has a staggering (for this site anyway) 52 "Likes". But, to be fair, it is a post where I did ask people to punch the "Like" button.

Coming in with 27 "Likes" in the next post.

All of the above pictures link back to the original posting (in case you want to appreciate the pictures a little larger and with more resolution).

And here is the regular heels picture to go with this posting. Enjoy.