First link posting--Heels Land

022: This is my first link posting for my links page. This feature site is Heels Land.

Click picture to go to the Heels Land site.

Click picture to go to the Heels Land site.

For a Tumblr picture site the person or people running Heels Land have done some extra work. They have categorised their pictures very nicely and you can go to the various categorisations using drop down menu selections. I have compiled a graphic showing the drop down selections available.

For example if you has a particular thing about sling-back heels then you could check out that selection.

There are lots of great sexy high heels pictures but Heels Land leans a bit more towards the X rating than the R rating of addicted-to-heels. The is a lot of bare pussy, some dildo usage, and I did see some cock action in at least one picture as I flicked through doing my review.

I will be adding Heels Land to my links page when I get the chance. It will be the first entry

One last picture from Heels Land before I finish and I have to say that has to be just about the perfect outfit to wear when bringing up the empty rubbish wheely bin.