20th post

020: Well I have made it to my 20th post. I remember in my conversations with Christine from the team that set this site up that she warned me it is not as easy as it first seems and it would take more time than I thought. Well she was right. From picking out pictures to post, changing things on the site, trying out other SquareSpace templates, trying to work out how I might be able to do things (like tables), and the little bit of picture editing Christine said I really should do (put a border around, lighten up dark pictures, and resizing some pictures) and learning how to do that ... It does take a lot of time.

But I have made it to my 20th posting.

I still don't have my picture numbering worked out properly (in fact its a mess already) and I still haven't got around to changing the banner picture, and about ten other things I want to do, but I am getting there.

I also want to thank my amazing girlfriend for her help here and there. She knows more about Web pages than I do. In fact I think she knows more about just about anything than I do.