Want to do a page of links to high heels sites

016: As all other guys out there like me that search the Web for sexy high heels pictures will be aware there are a lot of sites out there that feature arousing pictures of amazing high heels. What I would like to do is set up a page on this site to list all of the sites that I find that are dedicated to the most sexually arousing clothes a woman can wear out in public anywhere she likes any time she chooses—high heels.

Readers could also post comments and let me know of other sites I can add to the list.

SquareSpace does not seem to have tables (another thing I am pretty sure that WordPress does have) so I will have to do my high  heels links list page without tables.

As in the last post, if anyone has any ideas on how to do this then feel free to post a note.

My first picture showing a hint of pussy. You would never have seen this picture on addicted-to-heels with the previous team.