I have the most amazing girlfriend

013: I think I have a really amazing girlfriend and I seriously appreciate her. She works away in Perth which is about a two hour drive from our place depending on traffic. She works from midday Wednesday to about 1:00  p.m. Saturday.

So last Saturday she drives home from work and comes in the unit and tells me she has bought some new heels. Being seriously addicted to heels (and she knows it) I obviously I asked to see them but she tells me she is going to have a shower and then she will show them to me.

About half an hour later I hear her coming with that distinctive heels noise on the passage tiles. She comes around the door into the kitchen family area and she has on nothing but her bikini bottoms and her new heels.

Did I mention I have an amazing girlfriend? And yes, I did get her permission to post this little story. And NO, this picture is nothing to do with her.