Bad news and good news

As regular visitors would have realised some time ago, the 'team' has not been posting for about four months (if not longer). I am not sure what really happened with us all but we all sort of lost our enthusiasm or something. I probably contributed a bit (a lot) by moving to Melbourne to work. Also Justin got into a serious relationship which obviously was more important than posting to a high heels site.

So that's the bad news everyone.

The good news is that I have been talking to someone who wants to take over our site and keep posting to it. He was going to try and move it to Wordpress (because its free) but I have persuaded him to stay with SquareSpace (because I really think it has more features than Wordpress), and I will be paying the next 12 months subscription for him. Also the name will remain as addictedtoheels with the same Web address. So for our regular visitors nothing will change.

The person who will be taking over our site is Dylan.

The next post you see will be from Dylan. He now has the passwords to the site.

For anyone who sends me any e-mails from now on I will generally forward them to Dylan (depending on who it is and what they want).

Dylan now has all our pictures. The ones we have posted and the ones we had ready for posting, plus the ones we didn't have ready for posting.

Thank you all heaps for liking our site. Who knows, I might still get to post the occasion guest posting some times (maybe).

Kisses from Christine.