One down ... hundreds to go (I hope)

Whew. That's my first nervous post done.

I am still finding out how to use SquareSpace so my formats might not be as good as the previous team. Christine suggested I might want to change the SquareSpace template if I wanted to but after trying to play with some templates I am bit frightened to try changing the template yet because stuff is going wrong that I don't really know how to fix up. I might do that later.

A little bit about me. I am 33 so I am a bit older than the people in the previous team. Like so many men I am seriously addicted to high heels and find them highly arousing. Before people ask me in comments (hopefully people will post some comments) I have never worn high heels but the thought has occurred to me sometimes. Mainly just to experience what it actually feels like. But mostly I am happy to observe beautiful ladies looking amazing showing off in high heels.

Like the previous team I am in Western Australia but I live in a smaller town south of Perth. I am currently unemployed but luckily my amazing girlfriend has a three and half days a week job although it is in Perth. She travels up to Perth each Wednesday morning and stays with one of her friends for the three nights and then comes home to me on Saturday afternoon.