Under new management (sort of)

Hi. My name is Dylan and I am going to try and keep this site going. When I realised it was stopped I got in contact with Christine from the previous team and asked if they would consider me keeping it going. After a few e-mails and lots of phones calls Christine and the team have entrusted the site they started to me.

I am a bit nervous about doing this. I worry about keeping it going and what I am going to write all the time but I really want to try it even though I have never done a blog before and don't even use Facebook. I loved the addictedtoheels site and was sorry to see it stopped.

I want to thank Christine for all her help and especially for offering to pay for SquareSpace for the next year for me. I was going to try and move the current site to Wordpress, which I had been having a look at after my brother suggested using that. But Christine said that SquareSpace was really good and if there is any reason I don't like it then I can always move the site to Wordpress later and tell everyone I am.

I also want to thank Christine and the old team for sending me all their previous pictures and all the pictures they had collected but not posted. Also for the bit of teaching from Christine on doing my posts first in Microsoft onenote because it will spell check them for me before I post them and that way I keep a record of my posts.

In my next post I will tell you a bit about me but that is all for this post and as Christine said at least ten times "make sure you post a heels picture with every post" so here is my VERY FIRST EVERY heels picture post.