Feature site . . . Rexesbravo

I feel it must be time for me to do another post telling you about another of the hundreds of high heels sites we find our pictures on as we (that would be 'me' mostly although I will admit lately Alise has been find some) search relentlessly day-by-day to find the best we can to post. This one is called "rexesbravo" and the title bar section does not tell us much about who runs it or why. But it does show lots of babes in heels.

There are lots of girls in heels selfie pictures and pictures of girls at home and out-and-about in heels. As a result of this a lot of the picture are not of the greatest quality. However there is a spattering of celebrity pictures now and then. I spotted Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, and Courtney Bingham (the second picture shown below).

So if you can put up with a lot of 'noise' in your images and like girls taking selfies and amateur pictues taken most likely by their friends, boyfriends, or husbands, with a spattering of celebrity picture, then Rexesbravo might be a site you should check out.

The first three pictures link to the site. The other three are just because I wanted to add three more pictures.