A collection of 'shots of heels from behind'

Due to all the pictures I have collected over the years, even before the group of us started doing this site, I have hundreds of pictures I have not posted yet (although I do sometimes forget what I have and have not posted … which can, does, and has resulted in some double ups now and then). Also there are the pictures that Christine and Alise sometimes send the links to or the actual pictures . When you add this to the fact I am getting less and less regular at posting then I am getting a big backlog of sexy heels pictures to post.

So in this post I am going to do a small 10 picture dump of pictures based on the theme of "babes in sexy high heels shot from behind".

Hope you enjoy these. As always, thanks to Christine for the short notice editing and enhancing on some of these. I sent them to her Friday night and she sent them back all crisp and sized Saturday night.