Size and resolution (featuring high heels sexiness)

608: We have had a couple of queries about the size and resolution of our postings. Basically, whenever possible, our pictures are 1,200 pixels high. The logic for this is that they can then be displayed full height on any monitor that is 1,200 pixels tall (or taller), and the sort of standard desktop computer screen on a quality computer these days is 1920 x 1200 or 1,600 x 1,200 (on notebooks).

For those people using TV screens as computer monitors, where the screen is only 1,080 pixels high regardless of the actual screen size, then you will have to look at the resized down picture.

However there are some pictures that we (I) really want to post that do not start out at a size larger than 1,200 pixels high. In these cases the posted picture will be smaller unless Christine has been able to work her magic and make the picture larger.

For landscape (laying down) type pictures we try and go for 1,500 pixels wide if the picture allows it.

As for compression/resolution, Christine usually compresses down to around 450KB, or the first JPG compression setting in Photoshop Elements under 0.5MB. However this cannot always be done and depends on the resolution of the picture she starts out with. For special pictures that I really don't want her to reduce the resolution on we might post those at higher than 500KB.

Our site is hosted on SquareSpace and SquareSpace automatically down-samples large images to fit mobile devices in order to provide the best possible picture to mobile device users.

The following five examples are all 1200 pixels high.

This two pictures are older pictures from my collection library of unused images. They both have the old "Approved by Christine" badge that we stopped doing back before Christmas.