Heels are for (sexy) fun and totally not for walking

607: Alise mentioned this recently and I thought it was worth doing a post on it. High heels are much more about sexy fun and feeling amazing than they are for walking. In fact high heels are totally not designed for walking, or for standing that much really.

While this site is all about high heels and their sexiness I felt we should also be responsible and make the point that if you are going to a stand-up concert then, girls, high heels would not be the shoes to wear. If you were going for a walk in the park, unless you had some other motive in mind, then high heels are not the shoes to wear. Even if you are going to a night club or party where you know you are not going to be able to sit most of the time then, sadly girls, as amazingly sexy as you might want to look, high heels are not the right choice.

Having made that point, here are some girls looking sexy and amazing in high heels.