Big dump of Emma Stone in sexy heels

606: I have managed to collect a lot of Emma Stone in sexy high heels pictures. Probably has something to so with the fact I think Emma Stone is seriously sexy. This posting is just so I can post a whole lot of them.

There are 17 pictures in this post which I am pretty sure makes it the single biggest post of pictures I have done in a single posting.

I (we) have posted Emma Stone in high heels before which you can find by doing a site search for Emma Stone.

I have posted the above picture before but there is just something so amazingly sexy about any woman going grocery shopping in serious high heels ... and if it is Emma Stone then it is just too amazing not to post again.

I am sure I should know who the other actress is, but I don't. But I had to post this because Emma looks so amazing in those heels.

She looks so good in those heels that I asked Christine for a close up ... so sexy.

Christine did some awesome editing on this picture to make Emma stand out from the background.

A close up treat of the those peep-toe pumps. So so sexy.

Look at those amazing heels!!