Requests about readers submissions

603: In e-mails to Christine we have had two recent requests or suggestions about allowing readers to send us pictures of their wives or girlfriends looking sexy in high heels for posting. Catering for reader's pictures or stories is something we actually did consider when we started the addictedtoheels site. But there are problems … sort of … as there always seems to be.

Firstly would we post them into the main blog or would we try and set up another page for readers stories and pictures? Would we let people post directly into that page (assuming SquareSpace even allows for that) or would we get them to send stuff to an e-mail address and then we post it from there? The second option obviously means more work for someone here. Probably also so does the first option because we would probably have to edit or monitor the other page daily or weekly even if people were directly able to post into it.

Then there is the issue of the general quality of 'home' photo submissions. While some people have good cameras and know how to use them and how to do good post processing, the reality these days is that they are more likely to be using a smartphone or a tablet as the camera. While pictures from smartphones and tablets are kind of okay for looking at on the small phone and tablet screens, they are typically not up to scratch when it comes to looking at them 1200 pixels tall on a computer screen.

Also there is the problem of whether the sender owns the pictures and whether he (or she) has the permission of the person in the picture to have it posted.

Then there is the content. We consider our site to be non-porn. What I call R rated but not X rated. I suspect if we started getting pictures from readers there would be a lot we probably would not want to post and the Terms and Conditions at SquareSpace actually state "no porn" (using a lot more words, but you know what I mean).

However, on the other side, we do want to encourage visitors and sometimes I do think maybe sexy little 'true life' stories from readers about their experiences with high heels would be great. Especially from any female visitors.

So to the two people who e-mailed Christine (we have a policy of not publishing 'names' of e-mails to Christine unless the person e-mails specifically says we can) we are still thinking about readers submissions.

In the meantime . . . as always  . . . here are some sexy high heels pictures for you to enjoy. This set are of five all bare boobies pictures and the first two are quite old edits. They have the old "Christine Approved" tag on them we used to use but have not used since sometime late last year.