OMG … 600th post … Alise picks her 10 best of the first 500

Can you believe this is our 600th post? I am not too sure how many pictures that is. When we originally started we were only doing a single picture with each post because we were not sure if we would find enough high-quality high heels images to post. At the time we had no idea just how much was out there on the Internet for high heels.

These days we (being mainly me) regularly do postings of 3 to 5 pictures with the occasional posting having 8 to 10 pictures. Even then my 'EditedPending' folder currently has 338 picture in it that Christine has edited ready for posting, and my 'Saved' folder has 511 other high heels pictures in it and I probably add about 15 to 20 to that every week.

So at this stage there is no worry at all of us running out of sexy high heels pictures to post.

The main worry for me (and us) at this point is keeping up the interest and finding the time. We are not just a 'reposting' site where they repost images in seconds almost with two or three clicks. Each of our (my) posts takes probably about an hour to set up and that does not include the time from Christine to enhance the pictures. While for most pictures 'enhancing' may mean nothing much more than de-noising, cropping, and putting a border on, for some pictures there is a bit more that Christine does.

So what to do for our 600th post?

One commenter (nice nickname … 'heelsmakehorn') suggested we do a "pussy and heels feature" but that was never going to happen due to one of our fast and firm rules of not posting pictures showing bare pussy.

So what we decided to do was have Alise pick out her top 10 pictures from the first 500 and re-post them. So here, personally selected by Alise, are what she really liked from our first 500 pictures and she has added a little comment to go with each one. How frigging spoilt are you guys ???

These are the amazing YSL Tribute heels. One day I hope to be able to buy a pair of these.

I love this pose by Emma Stone. So classical and old fahsioned. Emma is a huge fan of high heels.

I like the "Alice in Wonderland" feel of this picture and love the Mary Jane heels.

She just looks so natural and I love those red peeptoe heels. They look amazing.

Taylor loves her high heels and always looks amazing.

Like Christine I am not a big fan of slides usually but these look amazing and I would love to try them on.

I am sure this is some celebrity but I am not sure who but I just think this is a great picture.

This picture is just so sexy. Wouldn't you love to be brave enough to do something like this? (girls)

Juat a really nice picture.

Another one of Taylor. I am a big fan of Taylor. She just seems so normal and natural for a celebrity.