Big gap in the posting, Christine going to Melbourne

Sorry for the big gap in the posting. It has been around three weeks since I posted. On the upside I do have a some news, although not all of it is totally good, but some of it is.

Part of the good news is that we have agreed to renew the domain name 'addictedtoheels' for another year. Which sort of means we have all agreed that we will at least try and keep the site going for another year. We did not renew the alternative domain name 'addicited2heels' so anyone who gets to our site using the 'addicted2heels' address needs to change to using just the 'addictedtoheels' address.

Sort of on the bad news theme is that Christine is moving to Melbourne to work for six months. Well actually her boyfriend is going to Melbourne to work and she is going with him and the company she is currently working for has offices in Melbourne so they are going to transfer her. But, and this is a BIG but, Christine says she will continue to edit up our pictures for us. We are going to try working via a shared SkyDrive. I will put the pictures I want edited in one SkyDrive folder and then as she fixes them up she will move them into another folder.

We have our last full meeting of the team with Christine there this weekend.

In the meantime, here are some hot heels pictures to enjoy.